Saturday, 26 February 2011


  • Nnenna Okore (Australia) - 29ª Bienal de São Paulo
  •  "The basis of Nnenna Okore's work is daily life. The artist works with things she finds, from newspapers and magazines to the most varied fabrics, to which she applies different procedures, such as collage, sewing, embroidery and dyeing, deforming and remodeling them into sculptures in which the recycled material acquires new dimensions and meaning, raising questions of overproduction, surplus and waste. In Slings, the artist rolls up newspapers into scrolls, forming asymmetric organic-looking and visceral clumps, bundled into thick jute slings. Though suspended in this manner, the sculptures lie against the wall as if its smooth white surface somehow guided the reading of the works as a linear narrative. Nnenna Okore lends a whole new aura to these reading materials by depriving them of their informative function, at the same time as she engages them in a protest against excess by hanging them on exhibition walls as an installation." (From: 29ª Bienal)
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